Disputed Wills/Estates

When families and other interested parties disagree over the contents of a Will, administration of an estate or any other issues related to inheritance, things can quickly become highly acrimonious if not handled correctly.

These disputes often involve highly emotive issues that go beyond the assets included in an estate, so resolving these conflicts typically relies on empathy and skilled negotiation as much as a strict interpretation of the legal rights and wrongs of the situation.

Our disputes Wills and estates solicitors know how important it is to take a sensitive approach to these issues to try to avoid any damage to important family relationships. At the same time, we will do everything in our power to make sure your rights, and the wishes of the deceased, are respected.

We work with clients across the Cotswolds, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, as well as in London and throughout the UK. We can help with all types of disputes related to Wills, estates, trust and inheritance issues, helping to find legal solutions that protect your interests while minimising conflict wherever possible.

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Our inheritance disputes expertise

Our dispute resolution team have experience with a wide range of disputes over Wills, estates and general inheritance issues.

This includes conflicts over:

  • How the estate is being administered
  • The value of the estate
  • Whether the correct version of the deceased’s Will is being used
  • Whether Proprietary interest has been promised
  • Whether the Will makes ‘reasonable provision’ for specific dependants
  • Whether the Will is legally valid
  • Whether a trust created by a Will is being appropriately managed

With strong experience in alternative dispute resolution, we will always seek to find an amicable solution wherever possible.

Why choose Tanners for Wills and estate disputes?

Our Wills and disputed estates solicitors have decades of experience with everything from straightforward questions over the validity of a Will or how quickly probate is moving, to much more complicated issues such as those involving complex estates and highly contentious inheritance claims that require extremely careful handling.

This means that no matter how difficult the matter you need assistance with, we have the seasoned expertise and legal skills you need to find the right solution for you and your loved ones.

When you work with our Wills and estate disputes team, you will have a dedicated member of our team working with you, acting as your point of contact at the firm and the person you can go to with any specific questions or concerns.

We are happy to meet with you at our offices or at your home and our team are available over the phone or via email at your convenience.

Our team includes several members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) reflecting our training and expertise in this area.

We are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Speak to our inheritance dispute resolution solicitors today

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