Directorship matters

It is likely that during the lifetime of a company there will be multiple appointments, resignations and removals of directors. Directors of companies are also subject to a range of liabilities, responsibilities and fiduciary duties. Directors can be subject to significant personal liabilities and sanctions for a failure to execute their duties correctly, including disqualification, fines and imprisonment. It is therefore vital that a director’s role is understood and managed correctly.

Tanners can advise with respect to all directorship matters, including:

  1. Appointing and removing directors
  2. Board meetings and good corporate governance
  3. Handling director resignations
  4. Claims against directors
  5. Preparing and advising on service contracts
  6. Fiduciary duties
  7. Roles, responsibilities and powers
  8. Insurance and indemnities
  9. Director protections and mitigating against risk and exposure
  10. Incapacity and death in office

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