Share dealings, shareholder agreements and shareholder relationships

The relationship between shareholders can be a complicated one. Perhaps they have equal rights, or perhaps it is vital that structures be put in place to allow for shares to be transferred, purchased or allocated subject to certain bespoke conditions. Or perhaps you just need to know your rights in order remove or add someone from or to a business. Whatever commercial relationship needs to be documented or examined for your business, Tanners Solicitors can help.

We frequently advise shareholders and companies on:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Shareholder rights
  • Share transfers and pre-emption rights
  • Issuing/allotment of shares
  • Share buybacks
  • Share consolidations, divisions, redemptions and conversions 
  • Call options, put options, forfeiture and surrender

Our commercial solicitors work for both large and small businesses through countless sectors and have worked with large numbers of shareholders participating in various relationships. We have a deep understanding of shareholding mechanics and we can document any commercial terms agreed between shareholders. 

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