Companies and Divorce


Businesses and Companies can often be the most valuable asset in a Divorce.  It is therefore crucial to understand the true value of a business. This is a highly complicated area that requires specialist advice whether that be from a specialist family lawyer or from a forensic accountant. 

The Business Accounts and Forensic Accountants

It is often not simply a case of looking at the balance sheet or profit and loss account.  Forensic accountants are sometimes required to properly consider the business accounts.  At Tanners we work with experienced and skilled forensic accountants that regularly value businesses for the purpose of Divorce proceedings.

Liquidity, Tax and Income

In addition to valuation it is also crucial to understand whether a company or business has any liquidity, the tax implications of extracting funds and also the reasonable income that it is possible to draw from the business. 

Added Value

At Tanners we also have the added expertise of our Commercial, Employment and Civil Litigation teams who can assist and bring added value to the case.