Divorce and separation


When a marriage breaks down, it is likely to cause heartbreak, uncertainty and worry. If a divorce becomes inevitable, there are various issues you will need to deal with, including navigating divorce proceedings, separating your finances and making arrangements for any children you have.

At Tanners Solicitors, our Family Law team provide clear, knowledgeable divorce advice in an empathetic and straight forward manner. We know how stressful going through a divorce can be, so it’s our job to make the whole process easier on you and your loved ones.

Most people would prefer to handle their divorce amicably, without the need for court proceedings. Our team offers strong skills in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), meaning we can typically guide clients through every aspect of divorce while keeping conflict to a minimum.

Our divorce solicitors in Cirencester can help you with every part of the divorce process, including:

Our typical clients include a wide range of people, including those with significant assets across the Cotswolds, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, as well as in London and throughout the UK.

We have particular expertise in matters including High Net Worth divorce, divorce for farming families and divorce for business owners and their spouses.

Whilst we might not be able to take away the heartache of divorce, we will remove the uncertainty and worry. Our team are here to empower our clients to take control of the divorce process and their lives.

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How we can help with your divorce

Divorce proceedings

Whether you are initiating divorce proceedings or need to respond to divorce proceedings started by your spouse, we can help you to navigate the various stages involved as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our divorce solicitors in Cirencester can assist with preparing all necessary paperwork and ensure it is submitted promptly, minimising the likelihood of any errors or other potential sources of delay. We can also advise and represent you if your spouse chooses to defend the divorce or should you need to defend divorce proceedings started by your spouse.

Divorce finances

Separating your finances during divorce can be very complicated and contentious, especially where there are complex and/or high value assets involved. It is essential to get the right legal support so you can achieve a fair settlement that meets your immediate and long-term needs.

Our divorce lawyers are highly skilled in handling divorce finances, including for High Net Worth clients. We can assist with negotiating a voluntary financial settlement using methods such as mediation and collaborative law. We can also guide you through applications to a Family Court for Financial Orders where required.

Find out more about our expertise with Divorce & Finances and Spousal Maintenance.

Arrangements for children

When going through a divorce with children, their wellbeing will be your top priority. Our team understands this and will work closely with you to achieve the best outcome possible for your children while defending your rights as a parent.

Our divorce solicitors can assist with reaching an amicable agreement with your former spouse over where your children will live, what contact they will have with each parent and other key decisions. Where an amicable agreement cannot be made, or this approach is not appropriate, we can also assist with applying to a Family Court for a Child Arrangements Order.

Find out more about our expertise with Arrangements for Children.

How we handle divorce for our clients

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution for divorce

In the vast majority of cases, the various aspects of getting divorced can now be handled without the need for contentious court proceedings. To this end, our team offer methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution including family mediation and collaborative law, which offer various advantages.

In general, using ADR to make arrangements for your finances and any children you have will be faster and less costly than relying on court proceedings. It is also typically much less stressful and can allow you to maintain a better relationship with your former spouse in future, which can be particularly important where you have children together.

Family court proceedings for divorce

Should it be necessary to make an application to a Family Court for financial matters and arrangements for children, we can advise you on your options, help you to prepare and ensure you have the best available representation for any hearings that take place.

The divorce process explained

Applying for a divorce and the reasons

In order to apply to the Court for a Divorce, either party must believe that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. As the law stands at the moment, if the parties have not been separated for 2 years, it is necessary for one party to blame the other either due to Adultery or Unreasonable Behaviour. If neither of these reasons apply it will be necessary to be separated for 2 years (if both parties consent) or 5 years separation without consent. 

No fault divorce

The Government recently passed legislation providing that parties will, at some point in the not too distant future, be able to apply for a Divorce without blaming the other party. Initial indications are that this will not come into effect until the Autumn of 2021.

Timescales for divorce

The Divorce process usually takes 6 to 12 months from start to conclusion depending upon Court delays. It is unlikely you'll ever have to attend Court in relation to the Divorce as this is largely a paperwork exercise.

Online divorce

At Tanners we are able to lodge Divorce Petitions/Applications online which can speed up the process and avoid the delays often encountered during the normal process.

Why choose Tanners for your divorce?

With many years of experience handling every aspect of divorce for a wide range of clients, we can provide clear, empathetic support with a strong understanding of the various issues than can arise and how to deal with them effectively.

Our Family Law team benefits from the experience and expertise of the department’s lead partner Elizabeth Saunders, who is ranked Band 1 in Family and Matrimonial Law by leading client guide Chambers & Partners. Elizabeth is also an accredited Resolution specialist in advanced financial provision and a trained Collaborative Lawyer.

David Milburn, also a Partner in the Family Law team, has over 20 years’ experience in Family Law. He is described by Legal 500 as follows:

“A highly astute divorce lawyer who takes charge of cases and ensures that they are kept moving with purpose, ultimately delivering very satisfying conclusions”.

“A great tactician”.

Tanners Solicitors is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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