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Cases involving significant assets are typically more complicated and involve complex legal issues. Our experienced divorce solicitors regularly deal with these types of cases. We carry out a careful assessment of the situation right from the outset and can help you develop a strategic and considered action plan.

At Tanners Solicitors, we provide bespoke, high quality legal advice to individuals across Cirencester, the Cotswolds, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and throughout the UK. Many of our clients also come to us from London for our exceptional service.

As experts in family law, we help individuals achieve constructive resolutions to all matters associated with divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation, with particular expertise advising High Net Worth individuals about financial arrangements. We act for a wide range of clients including business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, farm owners, sportsmen and women and celebrities.

The end of any relationship is a challenging and highly emotional time. Untangling your lives when you have lived together for years or decades can seem extremely daunting, particularly when complex and high value assets are involved. It is common for individuals to feel insecure when approaching High Net Worth financial arrangements because, from their perspective, there is a lot to lose.

Our goal is to help you agree a fair, positive financial settlement through informal negotiations or Alternative Dispute Methods such as collaborative law or mediation. We are also fearless litigators and can help you start or defend Financial Order proceedings in court. If you are concerned that your former partner is hiding assets or income from you, we can help you take steps to prevent this and claim everything you are entitled to.

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Our High Net Worth divorce expertise

Dividing assets upon divorce

We can help you work out a financial settlement that is fair, protects your interests, and secures your future. We will talk you through the division of assets, using mediation or collaborative law wherever appropriate. The issues we often address include:

  • Properties, such as the family home and any investment properties
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Trusts
  • Pensions
  • Businesses
  • Inherited wealth

We have experience handling matters involving international property, including real estate and offshore accounts. We will also help you negotiate debts and liabilities, such as private school fees, credit card bills, and mortgage payments.

We will ensure that your financial arrangement suits your personal needs and protects you from future financial claims. If an out-of-court agreement is not possible for whatever reason, we will provide practical advice about applying to court for a Financial Order.

Divorce and companies

Your business interests are likely to be a particular concern for you and your former partner. Businesses are treated as matrimonial property, however, splitting a business upon separation often does more harm than good – its value will reduce and there are usually others involved, such as other members and employees of the business, who may lose out.

For these reasons, the courts are usually reluctant to split businesses. We can help you negotiate the complex issues involved and find a realistic solution, ensuring both parties’ needs are met while preserving the business and the interests of third parties. 

Hidden asset recovery

It is not uncommon in divorces involving complex and high value finances for one party to understate their wealth. However, being honest about finances is the only way to ensure both parties receive fair financial provision. We have experience working with forensic accountants and taking action to uncover and preserve hidden assets.

Spousal maintenance agreements

Where one party has a higher income than the other party, it may be appropriate to put in place a spousal maintenance agreement that enables both parties to maintain a decent standard of living.

In High Net Worth divorce matters, the income disparity between couples can be significant. Spousal maintenance recognises the different contributions that partners make to a marriage or civil partnership, for example, where one party gives up their job and career to raise the children. We can help you negotiate a fair spousal maintenance agreement that enables you or your former partner to maintain their standard of living. We can also provide advice about interim maintenance payments, which can be ordered by the court before the divorce is finalised to put both parties on equal financial footing during negotiations.

Our approach to High Net Worth divorces

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution for divorce

Our Family Team offers methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including family mediation and collaborative law, to help you work out a divorce settlement without the need for court proceedings. These processes can be used to resolve every divorce and dissolution issue, including financial settlements and arrangements for children.

Collaborative law in particular can be helpful for High Net Worth individuals with complex finances because you can invite other professionals to your collaborative sessions, such as accountants and tax advisors. 

Family court proceedings for divorce

Where a voluntary negotiation is not possible, we can provide robust representation during court proceedings. We will help you explore all the options and provide advice on strategy so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Why choose our High Net Worth divorce lawyers?

Our Family Law Team are experts at what we do. We will provide you with the highest quality of legal advice while also offering emotional support to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Our Team is headed up by David Milburn, who has over 20 years’ experience in Family Law. David is highly recommended by another leading client guide, the Legal 500 as being, “a great tactician” and one who “takes charge of cases and ensures that they are kept moving with purpose”.

Our other family Partner is Meg Moss.  She also specialises in the financial aspects of Divorce and separation.  Chambers says as follows:

"Meg Moss is absolutely excellent. She is extremely professional, always up to date, and knows cases inside out." 

Our other highly rated solicitor is Satya Bagga.  She advises in relation to all family matters, including Divorce, although she has particular expertise in complex children matters.

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