Grandparents Rights

In cases where Grandparents have been prevented from spending time with their Grandchildren it is possible to apply to the Courts to resolve the problem.

Do Grandparents have a right to see their Grandchildren?

There is no automatic right but Grandparents can apply to the Court, if necessary, although the Court’s permission is required.

How do I get the Court’s permission to apply?

Permission can be sought at the same time as applying to see a Grandchild.  The factors a Court takes into account are as follows:

  • The nature of the application;
  • The applicant’s connection with the child;
  • Any risk that the application might disrupt the child’s life and be harmed by it

Out of Court resolution

It is sensible to try and resolve the issue without a Court application and attendance at a Mediation meeting (Mediation Information Assessment meeting) is usually a pre-requisite.  We are able to resolve many disputes of this kind without any recourse to the Court, or indeed mediation.  By doing so we can resolve the issue quickly and cost effectively.