Undisclosed or Hidden Assets upon Divorce

It is important in any case to ensure that all parties have a good appreciation of the available assets, income and pension provision.  Only with the benefit of full, frank and clear financial disclosure is it possible for a lawyer to provide informed, tailored advice.  In each case the parties should exchange financial disclosure.  This can take place on a voluntary basis (out of Court) or alternatively within Court proceedings.

Unfortunately, we often see cases where spouses fail to disclose their full financial position to their Husband or Wife.  Occasionally parties may have already gone to extreme lengths to hide their assets in case a Divorce should occur.  People sometimes use Trusts or place their assets ‘offshore’ to mask their actual financial wealth.

At Tanners we are adept at finding hidden or undisclosed assets.  We have the experience to know where to look and often there is a paper trail that can be followed.  We also work closely with forensic accountants who also know where to find assets and are particularly skilled at considering business assets.

We have a proven track record in this area.  In one particular case we were able to find undisclosed/hidden assets which, once found, doubled the size of the total matrimonial assets.

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